February 22, 2016


The Alcock Group announced today it has completed an acquisition of a minority stake in Homage Arts, a creative film and television company based in Los Angeles. Founded by Abdo John Hajj in 2013, Homage Arts operates as a creative idea agency that develops and finances film and television ideas for production companies around the world. “This is a business with significant potential and a unique growth strategy. Homage Arts is led by a visionary founder with immense knowledge and passion for film and media,” said Gary Alcock, Founder and Managing Partner of The Alcock Group.

Mr. Hajj currently serves as the CEO of Homage Arts, while continuing to support The Alcock Group with further acquisition opportunities within media and other industries. “This acquisition marks a new chapter for Homage Arts. The team is stronger than ever and The Alcock Group’s support is crucial to our goals moving forward,” said Abdo.

Homage Arts’ team members have worked with industry leading companies including Warner Brother Pictures, UMG, Sony, NBC, and more. “Mr. Hajj has tremendous confidence in the direction the company is taking. Our investment in Homage Arts is a unique and exciting opportunity for The Alcock Group. It marks our first, and we’re excited to grow the business both organically and through further acquisitions,” said Gary.

About Homage Arts
Homage Arts is a creative idea agency that develops original and adapted ideas for motion pictures and television companies around the world. The company was established during Mr. Hajj’s time at University of Southern California. Currently, the team works with established production companies in co-financing, producing, and developing film and television projects–with future goals in the virtual reality space.

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